Member to Member Specials


• Member businesses can benefit two ways from this new program.

1- Take advantage of the discounts offered by other members.
2- Increase your business by offering a discount to other members.

Member to Member Specials

The Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce’s Member to Member Specials was designed to benefit our members in several ways, by first encouraging our members to buy from one another, to boost sales of our members, and also to create more visibility through our Web site for those participating in the program. This program is free and available only to members of the Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information, please visit  and click on Member to Member Discount Program, or contact the Chamber at  847-683-1122 or email

Please fill out the following application to indicate the discount your business would like to provide to other members. The following criteria must be met in order for your discount to be included. Applications must be signed by an authorized company representative indicating agreement with the following criteria:

  • Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to decline or remove any discount at any time.
  • Each company is allowed a maximum of two discounts running concurrently.
  • Discounts must be available to all members and their employees.*
  • Discounts must be a minimum of 10%.
  • Discounts must apply to goods and services.
  • Discounts must be ongoing, not one time only.
  • Participants are responsible for updating their offer on an as-needed basis.
  • Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce will assume no responsibility for information that is outdated or otherwise incorrect.
  • The Chamber reserves the right to change the Members to Member Discount policy at any time.
  • Descriptions will be limited to 50 words or less.

Member to Member Discount Program Application

Mail this form to the Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce 153 S. State St.  P.O. Box 157 Hampshire, IL 60140


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