Dairies to Prairies Documentary Screening at Serosun Farms

From: Saturday, August 4th, 2018
To: Saturday, August 4th, 2018

Serosun Farms has teamed up with the Elgin History Museum to bring you an exciting documentary!


On Saturday August 4th Serosun Farms is excited to be hosting a screening of the Elgin History Museum’s most recent documentary, Dairies to Prairies. The film tells the story of Egin’s dairy heritage. Local farmers began shipping milk before the civil war. Soon the Elgin Board of Trade was established, setting dairy prices for most of the United States for more than 40 years. Elgin was home to dozens of dairies including Gail Borden’s company, famous for its Eagle Brand condensed milk. The documentary also explores how these dairy farmers have come under pressure from suburban development, modern day agricultural and efforts to restore the natural prairie. Learn more at www.elginhistory.org

Serosun Farms is an innovative conservation community situated over 400 acres of picturesque countryside. Its graceful combination of agricultural preservation and sustainable living with modern luxury and architectural significance offers homeowners a rare blend of rural charm and high-performance homes with every modern amenity. www.serosunfarms.com

Serosun Farms is a residential development project that promotes the preservation of the agricultural heritage of our community. Our underlying theme is farm and farmland preservation as well as open space preservation. Thru our efforts we hope to preserve the farming traditions of the farms and farm families that are part of Serosun Farms as well as restore and preserve many of the prairie, wetland and savannah woodland areas of the farm.

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